Telephone & in-Store Messaging

A clean & clear professional message not only communicates your message it also sets you apart from your competition. Customers know to recognize well produced voice messages in-stores or while they wait on hold.

How it Works

Cloud Digital Displays & Signage System

Voice Talent Samples

Digital Sound

CD quality crystal clear digital sound with no compression recorded in our studios to create the best un compromised sound clips.

Voice Artist

Pick from a wide variety of voice artist from our extensive voice talent network.

Message Delivery

We deliver your final message clip remotely to your system so you don't have to.


Support for English, French, Spanish languages and we are constantly expanding our list!

Legally yours

Wilden Media ensures all copyrights and legalities are taken care of so you can play your message publicly.

On Brand

We take a custom approach and build in the right intonations and pause to create that perfect voice pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our rates vary on what is required and have found that most of our clients take a custom approach to voice messaging. Contact us directly to obtain a quote.
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Can you provide the message as a file?

Yes absolutely, upon request we can provide you with a link to your digital message file in a format of your choosing (.mp3, .wmv, .wav etc..).

Do I need to have a music service with you in order to use your messaging services?

Not at all, we are happy to work with your existing in store message system.

I need to change my voice message often

You're not the only one ! We provide discounted pricing for recurring voice messaging needs, contact us for more info.
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