Background Music Systems and Services

Music defines you, sets you apart and helps you succeed - from enhancing your product or service to actually impacting customer behavior. Music can be critical to how consumers perceive your business. This is why Wilden Media brings you a range of music solutions.

How it Works

Cloud Digital Displays & Signage System

Music Selection

Digital Sound

Play CD quality crystal clear digital sound to create the best uncompromised sound environments.

Remote Music Curation

Music channels and playlist are constantly being refreshed and are hand picked by some of the worlds top DJ's Sync'ed to you locations via Antena, Satellite or via available internet connection.

Music Delivery

Music Syn'ced via Internet connectivity, Satelite Antena or with CD update, if not Antena / IP connection are available.>


Support a list of channels with music styles and genres from around the world.

Keep it Legal

Wilden Media has already taken care of the SOCAN & reSound public music licensing costs so you don't have to. The music played is completely legal.

On Brand

Let us recomend music channels that capture and match your brand's personality and identity.

Sound & Music Systems

Satellite Radio (via SiriusXM)

Satellite Radio (via SiriusXM)
Digital Radio (via DMX Profusion)
Digital Radio (via DMX Profusion)
Custom Digital Playlist (via PLAY Network)
Custom Digital Playlist (via PLAY Network)
Music Channels 65 10 (your pick) 5-15 (your pick)
Music Channel Selection View Channels View Channels View Channels
Delivery Method Externally Mounted Antena Internet Connection or Manual CD Internet Connection or Manual CD
Licensed for public use
Digital High Fidelity Sound
Customization (Song-by-Song)
Hassle-Free installation
Day-Parting Scheduling
Commercial Grade Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my employees still play music?

That depends if you'd like them to or not, our system is configurable to allow or block this behaviour. It's up to you.

How many speakers can be powered with your system?

A set of 4 speakers can be powered with our base installation and can be expanded to power virtually an unlimited number with an unlimited amount of "zones".

Is the music safe for work?

Yes a great number of our channel selections is guaranteed safe for work to ensure no unwanted profanities or suggestive lyrics can be guaranteed.

When is the music updated?

Our music channels are automatically updated continually to always keep your music selection fresh and new. You'll never get tired of the same songs.