Digital Signage System

The wilden Player Digital Signage System enables you to power one, five and even thousands of devices across the globe sharing your message. Your Media never looked so good, whether it's Video, Interactive Web Content or even RSS News Tickers you media can be scheduled and played on any screens at any given time.

How it Works

Cloud Digital Displays & Signage System

Clear & Specific Messaging

You have one opportunity to make a good impression. Wilden Media Player creates a clear and always up to date statement.

Remote Display Management

The Wilden Media Player proprietary remote management system makes it easy to view and control what is being displayed on your large and small fleet of digital display panels.

Media Sync'ing
done right

Pre-Sync's content before it is to be displayed automatically via Wifi, 3G, 4G, LTE and connected eithernet technology. Connectivity to the cloud not available? Not problem - Wilden Media Player sync's via removable USB media


Supports your multi-lingual media and world time zones so your message is always clear independantly of your Digital Panels geo location.

HDMI 1080p Resolution

Your media has never looked so great with high resolution 1080p content and up to 4k for retina based devices.

All your Media Managed

All your media is now stored in a single, secure location, backed up and replicated in the cloud in 25 locations so your large images & videos always load fast across your fleet of digital displays.

Digital Display Product Spec Sheet

Single Panel Multi Panel Franchise
HD Video (.mov, .mpg, .avi) Playback
Adobe Flash (.swf) Playback
Flexible Screen Layouts & Templates
Image Slide Show (.jpg, .png, .gif)
Power Point Playback
RSS / ATOM News Reader
XML Data Ticker (ie. Live Stock information)
Media Scheduling
Media Library Management
Multi User Access 1 User 3 User Unlimited
Cloud Storage 1 GB 10 GB 100 GB
Digital Panels (Clients) 1 Screen 3 Screens 40 Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

With the Wilden Player, you pay for the setup and management of your digital panels. Costing is relative to the number of screen and media engines required. The more you panels you have, the more you save.

Where can I use it?

The Wilden Player works in any locations with Internet Access. That's virtually everywhere, but for locations where internet access is unavailable media can be sync'ed via USB Key.

What Video types are Supported?

All Popular Video file types are supported (.mp4, .mpg, .avi, .mov) using your favorite codec's (mpeg, h.264, xvid, divx) at 480p, 720p, 1080p even up to 4k.

Is it safe?

You have nothing to fear. Wilden Player is using the latest encryption and security algorythms making it impossible to break. Making your display system connection secure.

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